Zenland — A Platform That Helps Individuals And Businesses To Deploy Smart-Contracts

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Zenland is a platform that provides services that help individuals and businesses to execute their own smart-contracts easily and quickly. Zenland provides an escrow system using smart-contracts which secures transactions between users and makes them traceable from the blockchain ledger. Zenland is an innovative smart contract platform that seeks to enable people and companies to conduct commerce with one another directly and fairly with the help of smart contracts without the use of middlemen. The platform enables non-technical people to develop and execute smart contracts using pre-built templates developed by Zenland and because it is made to be user-friendly and accessible to them, users can use them freely from the dashboard provided. Users can safely buy and sell items and services through Zenland with the assurance of a written contract, eliminating the costs and potential disputes that might occur when working through middlemen. So For individuals or business users who do not have access to traditional financial services or who want to streamline their transactions, Zenland is very helpful.

The Problem

The challenge for most people when developing their own smart-contracts is that they need to learn the code from scratch and implement what they have learned from scratch. And that includes the complexity of the creation of smart contracts which can be challenging, particularly when complicated business logic or system integration is needed. The creation and management of smart contracts may also be challenging for non-technical users and that makes some people prefer to be able to develop their own smart contracts with the help of third parties. Moreover, smart contracts need to be developed with the utmost security in mind, because smart contracts are intended to be immutable and autonomous, and mistakes or weaknesses in the code may be challenging to address after deployment. Therefore, smart-contract developers need to be professional and understand what they are doing because it will be related to user transactions.

The Solution

And in response to issues related to the deoployment and execution of smart-contracts, Zenland was launched to become a platform that helps individual users, vendors, and businesses to guarantee fair transactions of crypto, goods, and services under blockchain protection by using smart-contracts. Businesses and individual users who frequently make transactions with the help of Zenland will find it helpful because they no longer need to be able to develop their own smart-contracts, they only need to register and use the services available at Zenland.

Featuring pre-installed templates and a user-friendly interface that allows non-technical individuals to use it, Zenland will help users deploy and execute their own smart-contracts. So using the help of smart-contracts will increase the security, immutability, and transparency of user transactions and it will help users to be able to eliminate the possibility of fraud and hacking.

Moreover, the smart-contract system built by Zenland is intended for escrow, so Zenland will therefore offer a transparent and safe means for individuals or businesses to conduct transactions with one another. The buyer places money into a safe escrow account stored on the blockchain and after the parties agree on the parameters of the deal, the money is automatically transferred to the seller after they have confirmed that all conditions have been met. This method has proven to be effective in overcoming various kinds of problems that are commonly faced by users in their transactions. And when there is a problem between the two parties, Zenland will also help to be a mediator and provide the best solution.


Zenland consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in smart-contract development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated together in developing a platform that will help individuals and businesses to be able to make transactions more securely using smart-contracts. With this collaboration, users can deploy and execute their smart-contracts more quickly and easily-enabling people and companies to do business with each other more confidently and easily by using smart-contracts.

Token Details

The ZENF token is intended to provide stability, rewards, and payment functionality on the Zenland platform to its holders. Users can engage in governance and cast a vote by holding ZENF, giving them a say in how the platform is run. Since ZENF is an ERC-20 token, users can easily and flexibly manage their tokens with any wallet that adheres to the ERC-20 standard. Users of the Zenland platform can take advantage of awards and lower transaction costs by utilizing ZENF for transactions, adding further incentives to use the network.

Final Words

Smart contract-based escrow systems give parties a safe and secure means of dealing with one another, improve the security and transparency of their transactions, and solve a number of issues. Zenland uses this scheme to be able to secure user transactions. By utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, Zenland implements a system that makes it easier for users to deploy and execute their smart contracts. By doing so, Zenland will be able to do away with the need for middlemen, lower the risk of fraud in user transactions, and enable anyone or any organization to design and execute smart contracts using pre-built templates. Users will be able to use the smart contracts that Zenland has created, and send their payments to it, eliminating the need for them to learn smart contracts from scratch and it will save them time and effort and will eliminate problems related to payments.


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