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TFS Token is a cryptocurrency designed by Fairplay to replace the loyalty program function in the Fairspin platform, one of the most popular online casino platforms in the casino industry today. With 338,000 users and a net profit of $4.5 million, Fairspin is keen to be able to adopt cryptocurrency to their platform and provide users with a more sophisticated and profitable payment tool. Later TFS Token will facilitate various user transactions, ranging from playing games to stake tokens, TFS Token will support the operations of the Fairspin platform, so it can be said that TFS Token is a standard payment method at Fairspin online casino.

The Market

Now, this is a crypto trend, where people can send money more quickly, securely, and affordably to other people around the world. Cryptocurrency is transformed into a digital asset that has been implemented on thousands of platforms around the world because of its features and advantages compared to traditional payment systems. Even online casino platforms have adopted cryptocurrency for their platforms. By adopting cryptocurrency, it allows players to make transactions more quickly, efficiently, and securely. Cryptocurrencies can make payment systems on online casino platforms more transparent and secure for players. Therefore, many platforms are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies for payment systems on their platforms.

The Solution

Fairspin is one of the many online casino platforms that have started to adopt cryptocurrency to replace the loyalty program on the platform. In collaboration with Fairplay, Fairspin is launching a new digital currency that will serve as the primary payment on the platform. Later by having TFS Token, users will be able to play various games on Fairspin. TFS Token offers users the most advanced and profitable way to play.

Users can mine TFS Tokens to be able to play continuously on Fairspin. With this, users can continue to play without worrying about their capital and they can have a chance to win every day. Especially right after a user places a bet, TFS tokens are credited to a user’s account as a reward. This is why owning a TFS Token is so profitable.

And if users want to multiply their TFS Tokens, they can stake their TFS Tokens to get passive income opportunities every day. Fairspin offers users more than 37.5% annual reward, which is a higher yield than that offered by banks.

Because it adopts a deflationary token mechanism, it means that the supply of TFS tokens will be fixed and will not change, and there will be monthly buybacks in which a certain percentage of tokens are withdrawn from circulation. With a mechanism like this, the price of TFS tokens will be more stable. And it is predicted that the price of TFS tokens will increase if TFS tokens are successfully listed on Uniswap. So for holders who enter at low prices, they can expect to get profits when the price of TFS tokens is high.

Fairspin collaborates with the Trueplay platform to facilitate deposits, stakes, and withdrawals from users. Thus, users can easily carry out various transactions without the need to look for exchanges on other platforms.

Token Details

The TFS Token was launched on the ERC-20 protocol and will serve as a utility token. Launched with a total supply of 30,000,000 tokens, TFS Token adopts a token deflationary mechanism whereby the supply of tokens will be fixed and will not increase. The plan is that TFS Token will be launched through 2 programs, first from private sale and public sale, and second from IDO on UniSwap. The advantage of having TFS Tokens is that users can play on the Fairspin platform continuously by mining or users can stake their TFS Tokens to get passive income. If you are a HODLER, then TFS Token is perfect for you, because of the expectation that the price of TFS Token will increase in the future.


By adopting cryptocurrency on an online casino platform, the platform can get various benefits, such as more transparent, fast and secure payments for players. Seeing this, Fairspin is interested in being able to adopt cryptocurrency to replace the loyalty program on the platform. TFS Token is a cryptocurrency from Fairspin which will serve as a standard payment method and replace the loyalty program on the platform. TFS Token offers users a more sophisticated payment system, which will facilitate their various needs and be more profitable. Users can use TFS Tokens to play in Fairspin or they can stake their TFS Tokens to get passive income. It is expected that TFS Token will grow even more in the future.

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