StartFi — Funding Digital Content Has Never Been This Easy Before


StartFi is a platform that makes it easy for content creators to raise funds through NFT tokens. StartFi offers various features that users can use to earn money through the digital content they produce. Users just need to register, do some marketing, and start selling their NFT tokens. Later, StartFi will provide features that will help users such as Initial NFT Offering, digital rights management, monetization, and other features. With these features, it is hoped that users can sell and manage their NFT tokens more efficiently and intelligently.

The Problem

There are many platforms that can be used by content creators today to sell their work, for example like Youtube, where users can upload videos and earn money from advertising on their videos. But we know that now even though there are many platforms that can be used to earn money, the requirements are getting stricter which makes it difficult for many content creators to sell their content, especially those related to artwork such as digital art, songs, books, etc.

The Solution

Responding to this problem, StartFi wants to present a platform that allows content creators to easily sell their digital content via the NFT protocol. The solution offered by StartFi is quite innovative because there has never been a platform that has allowed its users to sell digital content this easily. Users only need to register, do marketing, and then start selling their digital content to the community or other users. In this way, users not only earn money from selling their NFT tokens but also have the opportunity to connect or expand their community.

Especially StartFi is supported by blockchain technology which allows it to run in a decentralized manner and does not allow any intervention from various parties. Blockchain also allows StartFi to adopt a governance protocol, which allows users who hold StartFi tokens to participate in the governance platform, thereby allowing everyone to be involved in the decision-making process.

The team from StartFi also designed this platform to be compatible with various current and future blockchain technologies. Because as is known now blockchain technology is developing quite significantly, and StartFi doesn’t want users from other blockchains to feel difficult because they have to use other blockchains to be able to access StartFi services.

And for users who are fans of creator content who are part of StartFi, they can support their favourite creator content by upvoting designs, promoting artists, participating in fans together with other fans, and many other activities. Later users will get rewards for their participation, this can be in the form of tokens or exclusive digital assets issued by content creators.

Token Details

STFI is a token launched by StartFi and will serve as a utility token on the platform. Launched as a utility token, the STFI token will be used for various things such as fees, rewards, staking, and governance. The advantage of owning STFI tokens is that users can easily purchase various digital content from their favourite content creators, users can also stake STFI tokens for passive income, or users can get the right to participate in the governance platform. The point is that there will be many advantages that users get when they have STFI tokens.


There are many digital platforms today that allow content creators to be able to sell their content and earn money from it. But even though there are many, these platforms have complicated and difficult requirements for content creators to be able to sell their digital content. Fortunately, now there is an NFT protocol that makes it easy for people to be able to secure digital content on the blockchain and sell it on the NFT marketplace. Through this protocol, StartFi wants to provide a platform that allows users to easily sell their digital content without any hassle. Users only need to register, do marketing, and sell their NFT tokens with the community or other users, it’s just that easy. Later users can use various features to be able to manage their NFT tokens more intelligently and efficiently.

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