SANTA COIN — Deflationary Tokens With Rewards in BUSD


SantaCoin is a platform that provides deflationary tokens to users globally. SantaCoin provides an opportunity for users to be able to profit from the added value of the tokens they hold or the reflection they will get in the form of BUSD. SantaCoin is an innovative and profitable deflationary token for its holders because the deflationary token has a protocol that will regulate the value of the token as well as its supply. This will benefit the holders, because of the reduced supply and also the reflection it offers. So it is expected that by holding SantaCoin tokens in the future the investment value of users will continue to increase and they will more easily get passive income.

The Problem

As we know that most of the cryptocurrencies launched in the market have an ever-growing supply. With the supply that continues to grow, the value of this token will decrease because it is not matched by demand from users. If problems like this continue to occur, then this will obviously be detrimental to the early holders, because the number of tokens they hold does not increase but the value of the tokens they hold continues to decrease as the price continues to fall. Therefore a protocol is needed by the crypto market to be able to regulate the supply and price of a token so that it will not cause losses to its holders.

The Solution

And fortunately, now we know there is a deflationary protocol in the crypto market, which is a protocol that reduces the supply of tokens and increases their price. And this protocol is adopted by SantaCoin, by adopting this protocol allows SantaCoin to be able to give rewards to its holders in the form of BUSD. Adopting a deflationary protocol means that the supply of SantaCoin will continue to decrease significantly in order to increase its value. In this way, users do not have to worry about the supply of tokens that will continue to grow.

Just like other deflationary tokens, SantaCoin has a mechanism in it that will regulate the value and supply of tokens. Later the system will automatically allocate part of the fees to the liquidity pool to increase the base price of SantaCoin. By increasing its liquidity, the price of SantaCoin will also be stronger which will provide benefits to its holders. So that holders do not have to worry about low liquidity.

And also the system will automatically buy back some tokens from the market to increase the rarity of the tokens. As the rarity of tokens increases, this will affect the price of SantaCoin. Because as it is known that the increasing rarity of tokens and increasing demand from holders, will increase the price of tokens.

Since whales are a nightmare for some holders, SantaCoin will implement an anti whale system that will limit transactions at one time. The system will automatically limit the number of user transactions at one time. In this way, for whales who will buy SantaCoin in large quantities and want to manipulate the price, it will not be possible to do so. So that in this way, the holders who hold SantaCoin will be able to feel safe and not worry about fluctuating prices and manipulation.

Final Words

The crypto market today has a protocol that reduces the supply of a token which increases the value of the token, this is known as the deflationary protocol and this protocol was adopted by SantaCoin. SantaCoin itself is a hyper-deflationary token that offers reflection in the form of BUSD tokens to users globally. By holding SantaCoin, the holder will have the opportunity to experience the price of the token which increases as the supply of SantaCoin decreases. And not only that, users will also get rewards in the form of BUSD tokens which are very easy to exchange for other cryptocurrencies. This is a recommended deflationary token for users looking for a potential meme coin.


SantaCoin consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in platform development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated together in developing a deflationary token that will provide benefits for its holders. With this collaboration, users will be able to get a deflationary token that not only provides profit, but also a protocol that will make the token price increase significantly in the future.

Token Details

SantaCoin is designed to be a token that will provide stability and reward to holders, as well as a token that will be freely used for transactions with other users. The advantage of having SantaCoin is that users will get the opportunity to be able to hold tokens that have the potential for their price to increase in the future so that users can buy these tokens at a low price and sell them at a high price. Users can manage all their SantaCoin via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.




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