Move2EarnAPY — An Auto-staking Platform and Reward Users for Various Tasks


Move2EarnAPY is a platform where its users will be able to get the opportunity to earn passive income easily. Move2EarnAPY provides a service that users will be able to use to maximize their income. Move2EarnAPY is an innovative platform because it is a rebase and auto-staking platform which will give users a fixed APY of 404202% APY and also it is a platform that provides features where users can walk and get paid for it. So it is hoped that with the existence of Move2EarnAPY it will become a reliable platform for users who want to stake automatically or get paid for their trips.

The Problem

When walking a person’s body will burn calories which is very good for their health. So now many health experts advise people to start walking early in the morning to be able to burn their calories and maintain their health and make their bodies fitter. But most people today are very lazy to walk, it is for various reasons. Therefore they need any encouragement to be able to make them more active in walking to various places. Giving a reward for walking will be able to encourage people to be able to walk anywhere. Getting this reward, of course, will increase income for people and make them more enthusiastic in carrying out their daily activities.

The Solution

And in response to this, Move2EarnAPY was launched to become a platform that will reward its users. It is a rebase & auto-staking protocol on metaverse with an earn of fixed apy 404202% APY and also a platform that gives money for completing tasks. Users will be allowed to participate in auto-staking by holding native tokens from Move2EarnAPY and later they will get high rewards from this participation. And they can complete various tasks that will be given through the Move2EarnAPY application and later every task that is completed the users will get a reward from it.

Move2EarnAPY’s approach is very innovative, as it will allow users to earn passive income from crypto more easily and securely. They don’t need to be tired of being able to stake tokens manually or their activities such as walking will be able to earn money. With this convenience, it will provide financial freedom to users and can provide additional income for them which will greatly help them in the current economic conditions.

By being designed using blockchain technology, it will allow users to transact more easily and quickly. By using blockchain technology it will not allow any manipulation or other things. And this will also enable the creation of a sustainable crypto ecosystem that will empower its users. Thus, Move2EarnAPY will be able to become a crypto platform that allows its users to earn more easily and quickly from crypto.


Move2EarnAPY consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in platform development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated in developing a platform that will provide attractive rewards to users for their participation. This collaboration will allow users to get a sustainable platform that they can rely on for passive income. Thus this will be a solution for today’s crypto users.

Token Details

MOVEAPY is designed to be a token that will provide stability and reward to holders, as well as a token that will be used for payments on the platform. The advantage of having a MOVEAPY token is that users can get rewards just by holding a MOVEAPY token or users can use this token for their various transactions. Users can manage all their MOVEAPY tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol or they can use the DEX wallet provided by Move2EarnAPY for more secure storage.

Final Words

It would be very interesting if someone could earn money from their activities like walking. Getting rewards, will encourage them and help them to be able to earn additional income. And Move2EarnAPY can be a solution for this by offering users a rebase & auto-staking protocol on metaverse with an earn of fixed 404202% APY and an application that will reward users for completing various tasks. With this solution, users will find it easier to get passive income from crypto and give them enthusiasm in carrying out their various activities.




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