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Metaple Finance is a platform that provides staking and farming services that enable crypto users to maximize their income. Metaple Finance provides various features which users can use to maximize their income such as staking, farming, and also P2E. Metaple Finance is an innovative platform because it not only allows users to stake their tokens and get rewarded for it, but it is a play-to-earn platform where users can play various online games such as blackjack, etc., and get a chance to earn money. high rewards. So it is expected that Metaple Finance will allow users globally to be able to maximize their income more easily.

The Problem

Now is a hard time, where the money from working alone is not enough to support us. Someone needs investment to be able to help their financial condition in the future. But nowadays it is not easy to find profitable investment instruments. Most investment instruments now offer a small return and this is not worth the capital invested by the user. Therefore users need a platform that provides them with passive income with high returns and ease of managing their funds, and that seems to be what users can get from a staking platform because it offers various advantages that users will not be able to find on conventional investment platforms.

The Solution

And responding to market demand, Metaple Finance was launched to become a staking and farming platform where users can stake their tokens and get high rewards easily. Different from conventional investment platforms, Metaple Finance uses blockchain technology to be able to offer users a staking platform with high rewards and certainly secure for users globally. Here users can stake their tokens in the pool and later users will get rewards according to their participation. The more tokens staked by users, the greater the reward they get. And later this reward will be harvested by users easily from the Metaple Finance platform.

Not only as a staking platform, but Metaple Finance also acts as a P2E platform where users will be able to find various interesting online games such as American Roulette, Blackjack, Head or Tails, and Horse Racing. With these various online games, users will be able to get the opportunity to maximize their income and get high rewards if they perform well in the game. So that Metaple Finance will be very suitable for those who want to play or stake tokens and maximize their income.

Built using BSC technology, Metaple Finance will offer users a platform with faster, secure, and low-cost transactions, compared to other chains. BSC itself has been used by thousands of platforms globally and has proven to be reliable to be applied to crypto platforms. Thus, users will be able to play or transact more safely and worry-free.


Metaple Finance consists of professionals and experts in their fields who are dedicated to building a staking and P2E platform that users can rely on globally. This team collaborated in developing an online platform that will be easily accessible by users globally from their devices. With this collaboration, users will be able to experience a staking and P2E platform that is secure and reliable.

Token Details

MLX is designed to be a token that will provide stability and reward to holders, as well as a token that will be used for payments on the platform. The advantage of having this token is that users can get rewards with MLX token stakes, users can participate in P2E games, or users can hold this token in their wallet as an investment. Users can manage all their MLX tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.

Final Words

Passive income is needed by someone today, so this will help their financial condition, especially in this day and age where global economic conditions are unstable. Metaple Finance can be a solution to this by offering users a staking and P2E platform that allows users to stake their tokens or play and earn rewards from it. Here users will be able to maximize their income more easily and securely. Users can take advantage of the various available features easily and these can be accessed from anywhere from various devices around the world.




BTT Username: tersek
BTT Profile:;u=3272214
BSC: 0x6F9ad8fC6dD5355A909D082891aa845100a4C407



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