Luscuscat — A Meme Token With Smart Tokenomic


Luscuscat is a platform that launches meme tokens that crypto users can easily buy. Luscuscat has a token with various features which makes it the best meme token on the market today. Luscuscat is an innovative token meme because most of the token memes offer a dog theme, it comes with a cat theme which will be competitive which can be considered because it has various features which will make it the best token meme-like aggressive development, maintained liquidity, large community, and many others. So it is expected that Luscuscat will offer users a meme token which will give the holders profit.

The Problem

In the crypto market, there are several popular token meme names such as DOGE and SHIBA. These two token memes are the most popular token memes in the crypto market today. The reason why many people hold this token and trade it is because it is a meme token whose popularity will only increase as the number of crypto users who are attracted to the meme increases. But what matters is that of the many token memes, most of these token memes offer a dog theme, and few offer a cat theme, even though cats are no less popular than dogs and this will also be able to stand out in the crypto market and get a lot of users.

The Solution

And responding to this, Luscuscat was launched as a meme token that will provide various benefits to its holders. Not only as a meme token, but this is a token with intelligent tokenomic which will provide profit to its holders. Luscuscat is designed to be a token meme that will compete in the crypto market by offering the cuteness of cats. The increasing adoption of Luscuscat will allow users of Luscuscat to increase and this will make the development of Luscuscat even better in the future.

Designed with a good tokenomic, Luscuscat will become a token meme that gives profit to users. And to maintain this, Luscuscat will freeze 45% Of LUSC and will leave it as a reserve to maintain the stability of the LUSC price. Thus, users will be able to have high expectations because Luscuscat will develop not only in the short term but in the long term.

Smart-contract from Luscuscat will automatically debit a 5% commission from every transaction made by the user. Later this commission will be distributed to the holders in a fair and transparent manner. Thus, the more tokens held by the user, the greater the reward that will be received by the user. Moreover, Luscuscat has an automatic LP which will maintain the stability of the token price. The higher liquidity from Luscuscat will make the price floor of Luscuscat stronger and this will maintain the circulation of Luscuscat in the future.

The Luscuscat community is expected to get bigger as the adoption of Luscuscat increases. This large Luscuscat community will support the operations of Luscuscat and keep the Luscuscat token alive in the crypto market. Thus the holders of the Luscuscat token will be able to have high expectations of the tokens they hold.


Luscuscat consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in token development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated together in developing a meme token that users can easily buy globally. With this collaboration, users will be able to own a meme token with a good future and potential.

Token Details

LUSC is designed to be a token that will provide stability and reward to holders, as well as a token that will be used for payments off the platform. The advantage of having a LUSC token is that users can get rewards just by holding a LUSC token. Users can manage all their LUSC tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.

Final Words

Meme tokens have a special place in the hearts of crypto users. By holding meme tokens, crypto users can have hope that the tokens they hold in the future will increase in value. And Luscuscat can be an alternative for crypto users who want to hold meme tokens. With its various features, Luscuscat will offer users a meme token that is profitable and has the potential to grow in the future. With its tokenomic, it is hoped that in the future Luscuscat will be able to become a meme token that is just as popular as SHIBA or DOGE.




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BTT Profile:;u=3272214
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