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Euler Tools is the platform that crypto users need to get into the crypto market and perform well. Euler Tools provides the tools and features that users need to be able to get reliable information related to tokens, projects, or various other things. The services provided by Euler Tools are free of charge, aka free, but if users want to access advanced features they need to stake at least 400 USD worth of EULER tokens and then they can access advanced features. However, if users feel that these features are not enough, they can contact Euler Tools for custom features.

The Problem

Most users in the crypto market today are retail investors with limited knowledge of the crypto market. They are targets of scammers who often deceive crypto users with the lure of high-return investments. Whereas if users can get education about the crypto market or users can use a tool to be able to check various information related to cryptocurrencies, things like this can be avoided. Because cases of fraud and scams like this make the crypto market ugly in the eyes of ordinary users who don’t understand the crypto market.

The Solution

And to respond to this, Euler Tools intends to be able to present a platform that will provide tools and features that can be used by users to explore and discover blockchain content more easily and securely from one platform. The solution offered by Euler Tools is a platform with technology that will extract data directly from the blockchain and combine it with multiple sources and then provide it to users through a user-friendly interface.

With Euler Tools, users can explore pairs among multiple exchanges, get charts, and configure them according to their preferences. With this feature, users can view price data in real-time without having to check platforms one by one, all data will be displayed in one portal that can be accessed by users with their accounts.

And if users want to check tokens or projects, they can use the Euler Tools feature which will help them to track wallet distribution of a token, exchanges, market cap, sentiment analysis, and other information related to tokens or projects. With this information, users can find out how a token or project is performing, where their funds are going, or how a token or project is performing on the market. So users can avoid token up or scam projects.

Users can track their wallets and transactions in them without having to open wallets one by one. Users can also use this feature to track other people’s wallets, for example, a famous crypto trader who has made millions of dollars from their investments, users can track their wallets and copy trades their operations, so that users can share the same momentum with their favourite crypto traders.

If users want to get notifications to their telegram, sms, mail, or browser, users can set up notification and alert systems related to any information such as rug pulls, liquidity draining and many other things. Later the system will automatically notify the user when one of the parameters is triggered.

Token Details

EULER was launched on the Binance Network and is BEP-20 compatible and will serve as a utility token. Launched with a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, the EULER token is planned to be distributed through the token sale program to be implemented at Wault Finance. The advantage of having EULER tokens is that users can access advanced features of Euler Tools, users can have the opportunity to get a share of monthly subscriptions fees, or users can use EULER tokens for transactions to various wallets that support the BEP-20 protocol.


There are many cases of scams and scams going on in the cryptocurrency market. Most of these cases occur because users are tempted by high profits from unclear projects or tokens, whereas if users have sufficient information about the crypto market, they can avoid this. Therefore, Euler Tools took the initiative to be able to present users with a platform that provides tools and features that users can use to enter the crypto market easily and safely. Euler Tools provides users with features that they can use to explore and discover reliable blockchain content, such as users can use Euler Tools to check real-time pricing and pool data, check tokens and projects, track wallets, set notifications about rug pulls. , and many other things that users can do with Euler Tools.

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