Discas — A Forum for Intellectuals to Interact and Get Rewards


Discas is a platform that will become an intellectual forum where users can discuss and provide solutions and get rewards from it. DisCas provides a service where users will be able to solve various problems and provide solutions to users in need. DisCas is considered an innovative platform because it will allow various problems to be solved by members and it will reward those who contribute through the number of claps they get, comments, or NFT monetization. So it is estimated that DisCas will be able to become a platform that connects members globally and provides rewards for their participation.

The Problem

On the internet there are many forums that people can use to discuss various things, such as Reddit, on this platform users will be able to discuss with other users globally easily. But out of most of these forums, very few reward their users. In fact, users should be rewarded for their participation, because as can be seen, many forum members provide solutions to various problems but do not get rewards for their participation, even though they have put their time and thought into contributing. Therefore, these users should be able to get rewards for their participation.

The Solution

And in response to this, Discas was launched to be a platform where communities, students, investors, shoppers, e-commerce, travelers, tour agents, property agents, businesses, media, institutions even the government together to connect. This is a forum designed to reward members who have participated in various activities, such as providing solutions to various problems faced by other users or simply commenting. So you could say this is a forum for intellectuals that will allow users to be able to discuss various things and get rewards from it. The DisCas ecosystem is designed using blockchain technology which will enable easier and more secure monetization and maximize the functionality of the forum that empowers its users.

The features of DisCas are very diverse ranging from allowing users to be able to turn controversial issues into digital assets and monetize them to DAO which allows users to be able to take issues into a wider realm. This is possible because DisCas is designed using blockchain technology, which will create an ecosystem that is supported by all parties and allows easier monetization. It is planned that in the future DisCas will maximize the function of blockchain technology even more so that users will be able to experience a true social function of blockchain.

With a reliable and experienced team, DisCas will be a platform with good fundamentals, which will solve various problems in a simple way. So that this will be a forum that will be used by many people globally to be able to discuss and solve various problems and get rewards from it.


DisCas consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in platform development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated together in developing a forum for intellectuals to be able to discuss and get rewards from it. With this collaboration, users can experience a forum that is truly useful and empowers its users.

Token Details

DISC is designed to be a token that will provide stability and reward to holders, as well as a token that will be used for payments on the platform. The advantage of having this token is that the user can use it for various things or the user can use it to participate in the governance platform. Users can manage all their DISC tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.

Final Words

There are many forums on the internet that users can use to discuss, but not all of these platforms reward their users. And Discas can be a solution to this by creating a forum for intellectuals to interact and solve various problems and get rewards for their participation. By using blockchain technology, DisCas will create a forum that is supported by a stable economic system and is empowered by its users. Users will be able to create a problem and turn it into a digital asset and monetize or users can leave comments and get rewarded for it. This is a forum that will empower its users globally through their discussions.


Website: https://discas.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/discas_dac
Telegram: https://t.me/discas_en


BTT Username: tersek
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3272214
BSC: 0x6F9ad8fC6dD5355A909D082891aa845100a4C407



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