Candela — A Platform That Leverages Blockchain, Microgrids, and IoT Devices for Decentralized Energy Trading

4 min readApr 13, 2023



Candela is a platform that provides services for users to be able to trade solar energy through a decentralized marketplace. Coinxpad is a platform where users can buy and sell electricity without using the existing electric grid, Candela provides software and hardware which users can use easily. Candela is an innovative platform because it will allow users to trade their energy from their own resources, so those users who want to use their solar panels to earn money can go through Candela to sell their electricity. In this way it is hoped that the transactions of users will be more efficient.

The Problem

One of the challenges of selling electricity from one’s own resources is the lack of infrastructure and regulatory framework to support decentralized energy trading. Often when someone sells their own electricity it is considered a crime. Therefore most people are reluctant to sell their own electricity, for fear of crime and non-existent media. Moreover, decentralized energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines require qualified software and hardware support to operate and it requires quite a high cost to be able to provide this.

The Solution

However, the problems related to energy trading can be solved by going through a decentralized energy trading platform which allows users to trade their energy freely and without any problems. And for that Candela was launched to become a decentralized energy trading platform that allows everyone to trade energy without any problems. By leveraging blockchain technology, Candela enables users to trade solar energy directly with one another in a larger community.

The platform allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell excess solar energy generated by their own solar panels or other renewable energy sources, without relying on centralized power grids or intermediaries. Candela will use microgrids and IoT devices which will help users to be able to make transactions securely and quickly to electricity buyers. How much the buyer needs, Candela will be a third party which will secure the transaction between these two parties. So in this way Candela will be able to eliminate various problems that usually arise in transactions between the two parties.

And with the support of the native CLA token which serves as a utility token that enables users to access various features and services on the Candela platform, this will secure user transactions and speed up the transaction process and eliminate high fees that are usually charged when using traditional payments.


Candela consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in blockchain development and in the global market. This team collaborated together in developing a platform that will make it easier for users to trade their energy and secure their transactions. This team will ensure that this platform will be able to rely on all user transactions with high security, so that users can safely make transactions with each other.

Token Details

CLA is designed to be a token that will provide stability and rewards to holders, as well as a token that will be used for payments on the platform. The advantage of having this token is that users can use this token for their transactions on the marketplace, so they no longer need to use traditional payments. Since it is BSC based, users can manage all their CLA tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.

Final Words

Often people have difficulty being able to sell their energy that they have from their solar panels or other sources of electricity, even though if they can sell this energy they will be able to earn money. Candela addresses this problem by providing an energy trading platform which will facilitate global users in their energy trading. Candela uses blockchain technology, microgrids, and IoT devices, which will make energy trading possible and all user transactions will be processed quickly and securely.




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