Backed Finance — A Platform That Makes It Easy For Investors


Backed Finance is a platform that provides investment services to users globally. Backed Finance provides various features which will allow users to invest on various platforms and profit from them. Backed Finance is an innovative investment platform because it will allow its users to easily invest in a company without any hassle. Users will be able to invest the companycoins they hold in the company they want and later they will get a profit from it. So it is hoped that Backed Finance will be an investment platform that will support companies globally.

The Problem

Now it’s not difficult to be able to invest in a company. With various investment applications provided in the market, today’s users can invest in any company they want like SpaceX, Facebook, etc. However, the convenience provided by an application like this is still considered burdensome for users, because users need to buy according to the specified lot or they need to provide documents or KYC. Therefore, users need a platform that will make it easier for them to invest without the need to KYC or provide documents that are troublesome.

The Solution

And responding to this, Backed Finance was launched as an investment platform that will make it easier for users to invest in their favorite companies. Various features provided by Backed Finance such as convenience, security, and flexibility, will make it easier for users who want to invest in a platform. Backed Finance will be a platform that will support startups with crypto tokens that have value. The tokens provided by Backed Finance are CompanyCoins, these are tokens that will be a catalyst and will support companies in Backed Finance, for example, SpaceX, Facebook, etc. This token, allows users to be able to buy this token and then invest it in the company they want, and later as the company grows it will provide profits to investors.

Because as it is known that many companies in the market today need financial support from investors globally and often companies are caught in the trap of VCs or angel investors which makes their companies go bankrupt. And here we need a global investor war that will allow them to be able to invest their tokens in a company and this will later help the company continue to operate and grow in the market. Thus, this will help companies globally to be able to seek financial support to assist operations and development.

Users will find it easier to invest because they will be able to invest in companies that they can’t even invest in. Thus, this will enable them to be able to support a company in surviving and this company may then grow and provide high profits to users.


Backed Finance consists of professionals and experts in their fields who have years of experience in platform development and in the global crypto market. This team collaborated together in developing an investment platform that users globally can use easily and securely. With this collaboration, users will be able to use an investment platform which will make it easier for them and will give them maximum profit.

Token Details

BKD is designed to be a token that will provide stability to the ecosystem, as well as a token that will be used for platform development. The advantage of having this token is that users will be able to invest in the operations and development of Backed Finance and later they will be able to get rewards from it. Users can manage all their BKD tokens via a blockchain wallet or any wallet that supports the BEP-20 protocol.

Final Words

Users need a platform that will make it easier for them to invest and earn profits from their favorite companies. And Backed Finance can be a solution for this by offering users a platform that will make it easier for them to invest in various companies with the touch of a finger. Backed Finance provides a feature that allows users to invest without the need for KYC or providing various documents which are very complicated. With Backed Finance, users only need to invest their CompanyCoins in their favorite company and they will get profit from their investment as the company grows.




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